Dressage Trainer


Kristi Wysocki

As a rider Kristi has successfully trained and ridden many horses from starting youngsters to Grand Prix Dressage. She has competed several horses to the FEI levels, winning many regional and local championships through Grand Prix.  She has also successfully competed in the CDI arena with multiple horses. She has earned her bronze, silver, gold medals and gold freestyle bar from the USDF.  Kristi’s students range from beginners to FEI, she loves teaching both. Several students have also competed successfully through the Grand Prix Level, some in the CDI arena, and many have also earned their USDF bronze, silver and gold medals.

Kristi incorporates her engineering background and in-depth understanding of biomechanics of both horse and rider to her approach in training. The simple, methodical approach provided by the fundamental training scale makes the approach simple and easy for the horses to understand and progress. 

For many years, Kristi rode young green horses and those “nobody else would ride”.  Through this experience, she learned that most horses that had training issues – simply didn’t understand what they were being asked. By providing clear training, boundaries and clarity to the horses, she was able to help many difficult horses come out of their shells of fear and blossom. 

Kristi has also successfully trained numerous horses in the FEI levels including to Grand Prix. She has been highly successful in the show ring with numerous FEI horses winning many championships along the way. She has also ridden successfully in the Grand Prix arena.

Kristi has ridden under the tutelage of Kyra Kyrklund, Hilda Gurney, Gary Rockwell, Jane Weatherwax. 

Kristi’s mantra while riding is “Its not he or she vs. me – it has to be We the team”. This is the only way to develop harmony and trust with the horse long term.