Kristi Wysocki

Kristi teaches clinics across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. She teaches 2-4 day clinics for amateurs and professionals both. Many locations have Kristi come to their location 3-4 times a year to get consistent input on their training progress. She Is happy to work with FEI riders and beginner riders both – anyone that is wanting to learn is welcome at a clinic with Kristi. The clinic format is 45 minute private sessions with each rider.  Sessions can be focused on advancing the training or specifically looking at polishing dressage tests for competition.

Kristi loves sharing her knowledge of dressage with others. Whether they are just getting started or at the top of their game, anyone who wants to learn is the perfect student for Kristi. Her unique background in engineering gives her greater insight into the horse and rider’s biomechanics, helping her to evaluate training, developmental and soundness issues.  She teaches in a unique way that takes a lot of the mystery out of the sport.  She has students that just want to be safer on a trail ride and she has students that compete in the CDI ring. Any motivated student is welcome.  Kristi has recently spent more than 12 months in an intense training program working specifically on fear, self-confidence and self-doubt issues while riding. The tools she has gained through this education makes her more prepared to help riders in “the heat of the moment” to deal with these otherwise debilitating issues.  She has helped numerous students work through their fears and develop self-confidence they never had before. 

Kristi focuses on developing the rider and horse through the use of the training scale to become partners in the sport of dressage. She strongly believes that fundamental basics are the key to the sport no matter the rider and no matter the horse. She works with riders of all ages, horses of all breeds, for this is a sport of training.

Kristi has many students that have ridden through Grand Prix – some in the CDI ring. She has multiple students that have their bronze, silver and gold medals from USDF. Many of her students have competed successfully at the Regional Championships and USDF National Championships.  

Virtual Lessons

Kristi also teaches students around the world virtually. She started teaching virtually in 2012; during the Covid crisis of 2020, she found herself teaching many lessons per week virtually. This online modality is a great method to stay in touch with students in other parts of the country in between clinic visits.  

Over the past few years, Kristi has expanded her local training program, by developing all-inclusive day clinics where she works with riders and trainers as a team every 4-6 weeks. Through this ongoing training program, Kristi works in partnership with these teams so that they can reinforce their progress before the next clinic. The program has been extremely well received by both riders and trainers in her region.

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